Little Red House: A Little Bigger

It took a solid two months to get to this point.  But things here at the Little Red House have changed.

You can view my previous post with before photos HERE.

For a quick review here is the before picture from August 18th:

And here we are today (third week in October):

Front from street

Driveway for new window view

Other side – Bathroom window (flooded with morning sun!)

Back Deck

Where we are at NOW?  We are ready to install sheet-rock and plaster this week.  This will be the messiest of weeks.  However, the foam insulation that we had to move out for 24 hours was no picnic either.  There was a cold spell about two weeks ago and we were heatless – but thankfully that is all worked out now.  The best part is all the fixtures, floor-plans and interior colors are picked out and planned.  Each space has its own distinctive look and feel.

And the girls are getting really really excited.  They have put up with the brunt of all this living in their small room and I could not be more impressed with how they have handled this transition.  That is  not to say it has been easy!

Interior construction shots coming SOON!!!

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