Low Carb Living Milestone

It was time for a ‘fresh start’ hope you like my new look and feel!


A summer with out cupcakes and ice cream cones?

 Not one chocolate chip cookie?

YUP I did it!!

I recently hit 30 pounds on my low carb journey.  In real numbers that means:

  • went from size 12/14 XL to a 6/8 M
  • blood pressure has remained lower
  • energy level is still up
  • anxiety level is still down

As the Summer was winding down I started adding some more food choices back into my diet.  Strawberries, melon, greek yogurt, almond milk and more veggie choices are just a few.

Another big change I made is I have started resistance training with a trainer.  What this does is help to tone up what is left and gets me to the gym for my appointments!

The biggest change I went through was once the weather got cooler up here I had to start buying new warmer clothes.  Baggy t-shirts and too big shorts of the summer were not cutting it.  What I was not prepared for was when it was back to school time for my girls – the reaction I got from those I had not seen all summer.   It almost became awkward.  I am glad to say I have recovered from that!

I also think that I still have some issues with the image in the mirror still.  When I see a photo of myself now I almost do not recognize her.  But that is getting better.  In fact I have not been at this weight since I was about 23 years old.  That was the year I met my husband.  At  44 I feel AWESOME!

My plan going forward – avoid Halloween like the plague, and continue on my healthy eating.  I have plateaued (to be expected) and my focus is no longer on the scale number but rather how my new clothes feel and keep at it at the gym.

Clean eating is always my goal but I have to tell you the recent increases in food prices is making that harder and harder.   I am trying to prepare for the seasonal veggies that I have come to depend on taking a back seat to more cold weather ones.  One day at a time right?!

OH and another benefit is my girls are learning to take over all the baking here 🙂

Here is a reminder of where I started:

5 thoughts on “Low Carb Living Milestone

  1. Wow- you look terrific!! I’m also 44 and in dire need of a diet. I’m 12/14 right now too ( some 16s). Is there a particular guideline/diet you’re following?

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