Little Red House: Interior Update

I have yet to show interior shots due to the fact that looking at open framing gives no definition of space.  Last week we had the opportunity to move to Grammy & Papa’s for the night while we had the insulation foam sprayed.  The dog especially loved that!

But we are back in and the shape is taking form now.  Here is a tour of where we are:

Heading up the stairs: morning sunlight in bathroom!

From Hallway – peeking into the shower

Commode area (next to shower)

View of double sink vanity area from commode

View of linen closet taken from shower (this was and unexpected bonus!)

Lulu’s room view from closet: 2 new windows

Lulu’s closet (huge!)

Coco’s room view from the closet (it is a smaller room)

Coco’s view of closet (just as big!)

View of stairs from Bath – looking UP you see the attic access

LOVE my attic stairs! (seeing as I had no attic space before!)

Next up – Walls!!!  Not bad for 2 months work mostly on weekends!!

Sharing At:  Too Much Time On My Hands

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