Low Carb Living: Almond Butter

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It has become apparent that my butter consumption needs to be curtailed.  It was recommended to me to try Almond Butter.  So I recently tried my hand at making some.

Who know this would be so simple – I started with a bag of these:

Simply tossed them into my Food Processor:

Set the timer for 15 minutes (yes, 15!)

And let it run… I did stop it quite a few times however, as I felt the almond crumbs creeping up on the side were not getting incorporated.

After about 10 minutes it started to take on a more pasty form (the natural oils started to come out).  At this stage I added 2 pinches of sea salt.

At 15 minutes I had this…  almost how I wanted it but not quite there yet – so I let it go another 3-4 minutes.

And there it is!!!!  Creamy almonds!!

I am told 1 week stable on the counter or 3 weeks in the fridge.  I cannot wait to start eating this !!

My review is in – DELISH!!!

I have a peanut sensitivity – and while I LOVE Peanut Butter this fits the bill perfectly.  It is especially yummy on my morning Pumpkin & Flax Seed Muffin that I like to have.  I also get bored eating almonds and pistachios… this is a great way to mix things up!

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