Elongated vs. Round

When we moved into our home in 1996 – 16 years ago – the first thing we did was rebuild the bathroom.  We picked a bisque colored round toilet.  It was perfect.  Fit into the floor plan and the color was just right.

Fast forward 16 years.

Recently, here at the Little Red House as part of the construction we were faced with having to obtain a new toilet.

As in – we needed it in a few hours.

What we learned fast was this – if you want a non white round toilet – you have to special order it.  This left us with one choice: an elongated bowl.

So we brought it home two weeks later I am still not happy.  Who knew I would be so attached to my round?  The Mr. of course loves it.

The seat alone is ‘different’.  The footprint of the bowl is bigger and feels out of scale with the room.  And for some reason I bump my toes on the base of the bowl all time.  The only thing going for it is the color is right.

I am glad to say that we did order a round for the new upstairs bathroom…and I have put the girls on notice that I will be hanging out in their bathroom much more than originally planned 🙂

Do you have a preference?

YES, I just wrote a post about toilets!!!

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