Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint: Mirror

With the big move happening upstairs – one thing is clear.  After 10 years of the girls sharing the same small space they were going to need some furniture.  This was the perfect time to finally try out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paints!

Mainly, because I had pieces of furniture in mind which have been stored around the house but I had no interest in having to sand, prep and prime them all before I could get them painted.

I bought two colors that I thought I would need to get through this project.  Given the higher price of the quarts vs. regular paint it was worrisome but now that I have made this investment I am so happy I did.

I bought Pure White and Paris Gray, Annie’s Clear Wax and a wax brush.

I knew the Paris Gray was going to be a tad too dark for what I needed so I mixed some white into it.  The colors blended very well.  Honestly – this was too easy!

Next up, I headed out to the garage and pulled a floor mirror. This is a mirror from the Bombay Company that was a wedding gift back in 1997.  It had a shiny lacquered type finish on dark wood.  (If it is even wood at all?!).   The only prep work I did was to tape off the mirror and wipe it down with a wet papertowel.

I got the first coat on.  I was specific to make short brush strokes to help define where the paint was vs. a smooth coat on this piece.  The paint goes on like a dream.  I did decide to add a second coat to get a very opaque look I was after.  But one coat would have been fine.  Remember, this was my first time!

This paint dries REALLY fast which is another bonus!  Then it was time for the clear wax.  The wax does not darken the paint color but makes it richer.  I put the wax on with the brush, waited for it to not be tacky – then took some sand paper to it.  Just a few touches here and there.  Then, another coat of wax and let it dry.  Last step for me was to buff the wax to a beautiful satin finish with some cheese cloth.

The final result was AMAZING!

I started this project at about 2 PM and finished by 6PM.  I have other pieces that I intend to finish soon – look forward to sharing!

Creations by Kara

2 thoughts on “Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint: Mirror

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