Teacher Gifts: Coffee Gift Card

‘Tis the Season!!

Time to figure out that Teacher Gift.

When it comes down to it – why not get the teachers the one thing they love (and spend their own money on everyday)?

We have a rule at our school that teacher gifts must not exceed $10.00.  Enter the Dunkin Donuts gift card.

Black Friday weekend Silhouette offered half off all of their images (squeal!) and I stocked up big time.  When I saw this one I knew it was perfect!

I pulled my Silhouette out of her bag on a sunny December afternoon and got to work!


Here is the first pass of what I created:


Yes, it’s a CARD!!  Better – it is a gift card holder with plenty of room for a heartfelt note:IMG_4330-001

I added a few embellishments and the gift card fits in perfectly.  I cannot think of a better delivery system for a gift card.


I have lots of gifts planned this year that use my new Silhouette, cannot wait to share!!


Creations by Kara

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