Wrapping Station

Christmas wrapping season is upon us.   Here at the Little Red House I just do not have room for a dedicated wrapping station or wrapping cart.


I saw THIS great idea on iheartorganizing.com  last week and put it right to work!

(sorry for iPhone pics!)

I had this mess under my bed left over from the big construction move.  I do like it under my bed because it is quick to get to but BOY was it a mess!

My before mess!

My before mess!

After employing the ‘containerize’ concept it seems so easy!  I weeded out half done rolls and other things I was just cluttered with.  Then added two smaller bins to hold and separate items.

photo after

I love the outcome!!  I am hopeful now that the girls can pull this box when they need a gift wrapped and not beg me to do it for them.  And there is no excuse to have to hunt down those scissors or tape (or bows or cards or bags) anymore.

Creations by Kara

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Station

  1. I so need to do this. Mine is seriously all in a giant sears bag. LOL I love the containerize idea. i may have to try that out.:) P.S. I love you selection of wrapping paper.:D

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