Etched Glass Gifts

While I had my Silhouette out this week it was time to pull together a project I had been planning as Christmas Gifts for my two adult nieces (yes, they are old enough to drink!).

I chose celtic beer draft glasses for one and feminine wine glasses for the other.  Finding those images seemed to be the hardest part of this project.  That and I did this while I was prepping dinner!


The one trick I learned when doing this project is to put a box around the image you plan to use as your image.  It helped to save vinyl in the project.

I printed the images and used transfer paper to get it on to the glass.  Making sure you only remove the part of the image you want to show on the glass:


Then I slopped on the etching cream.  Which, by the way I bought the smallest little bottle. When 15 minutes is up – you just scrape it off and scrape it back into the bottle to reuse!


My glass did not have a flat surface – and was difficult to prevent some bleeding – but nothing is ever perfect is it?


Then I moved onto the wine glasses (lock, key, damask flourish & the letter K):


It is VERY difficult to photograph etched glass!!!

And the collection here:

I think this will make a nice personalized gift for the girls.  Now that I know how to do this – I am worried there is no safe glass surface in my home!!

  Too Much Time On My Hands

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