Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint: Dark Wood Vanity

This is my SECOND Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint project.  You can view the first HERE.

The worst part about refinishing items is forgetting to take a BEFORE picture 😦  Today I painted my 1995 Bombay Company vanity and stool set.  It has a very high gloss dark stain on it. Like the mirror, I plucked this out of the garage and only wiped it down with a damp cloth. No sanding or prep worked needed! A quick search of the net shows my vanity stand looked like this before I started

My color plan for this item is Annie Sloane’s Bright White as it is going into Lulu’s new bedroom.  Just plain old white.  I am still amazed at how easy it is to paint with this paint.  I do prefer to do two coats – it just feels better to me.

Yes, I do all my furniture painting right on my family room floor – terrible habit! This is my in progress photo:


Items are drying and ready for the first coat of clear wax.  IMG_4301 After some strategic intentional sanding and clear wax – the item is ready!  Here is the finished product in its final location!


The stool I covered with the most gorgeous silver rosette fabric – it adds such great texture and femininity!


I hope that Lulu grows to love this table and mirror set.  Maybe someday she will sit at it and put on her wedding veil like I did in 1997!

AND I am sharing a quick SNEAK PEAK of Lulu’s Room!!!  How about that wall color!?!?!  Final design to come soon!


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