Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint: Antique Bureau

Still more furniture for the new upstairs!  You can see my first two pieces HERE and HERE.

This bureau has been with my hubby since he was young.  His mother before that.  It is pretty old.  I first painted it a dark hunter green with a dark stained top back in 1995.  So very early 1990s!

The next time I painted it I was 6 months pregnant with my Coco in 2000.  I agonized over the perfect Pottery Barn Green.  It was her changing table and bureau for many years.  Lately its been a tv stand and scrapbook supply holder in the kids playroom.


Coco and I agreed – lighter gray and glass knobs was the way to go for her new room.   This time I mixed some gray into the white – I am pleased with the light tone.


Two coats on and ready for some ‘sanding and waxing’:


And here she is in her final resting space with her new glass knobs.  The color is a pale gray.  It does pop against the white wall.  It is EXACTLY what we I wanted!!


I am also giving you a sneak peek of Coco’s room – more to come SOON!IMG_4417

Creations by Kara
 Too Much Time On My Hands

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