Jewelry Organization: Cork Board

I received some very pretty new pieces of jewelry for Christmas as I am sure most did.  Frustrated that I cannot view my pieces in one place has been bothering for a while now.

After seeing this great idea shared by Paige at Simple Thoughts  I figured it was time to make one.  Best part of this was I had all the ingredients in the house!

I started with an older covered cork board:


But there were a lot of THESE:



Stripped and ready:IMG_4680

I had burlap on hand so I used that.  There is a lot more stretch in burlap than you realize!  Getting it straight was not easy:IMG_4681

Next up was push pins.  I had clear on hand so I used those:


Then I just spent time organizing it the way I wanted:IMG_4689 Some of my favorite pieces that were always buried in a drawer before:
IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4696

I was not going to add earrings but these are worn only a few times a year so it was a good place to hang them in the burlap:IMG_4697

My final product:IMG_4698

And here is where I hung it in my bedroom:IMG_4704

Most of these pieces were hidden in the second drawer down in that chest.  I would have to peek OVER the drawer just to see in it.  This is a much better solution:IMG_4707

And the best part is – you hardly even notice it from the door! (The Mr. likes that!)IMG_4711

I think my first project of 2013 came out pretty well!!!  I think my next project up should be to shorten those drapes!


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