In Dog Years – 45


This is Nora, our adopted Flabbie (flat coated retriever/black lab). She is one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever had the pleasure to be owned by.  Nora is an angel.

She prefers to be inside sleeping in front of the fire all day and not out in the wet cold.  I understand.

Nora is 6.5 years old. And when translated into dog years that is 45.6

Today is my birthday.  Nora and I have oddly lined up in age.  Almost exactly.

Nora is starting to show signs of aging.  She finally put on a little weight this year.  If you look closely at her chin – yes, there is a lot of white coming in.  In her eyebrows and around her nose too.  And there are a few long stray hairs that don’t belong on her cheek.  She has patches of white hair sprouting up on her back and tail.  She takes hormone pills for incontinence.


When I see her take a few extra seconds before she jumps up into the front seat… I tell her ‘I understand sweetie’.

One could say that we are in the same place at the same time for this odd moment.

But this old girl still has some spring left in her step.


The good news is we both a few really good years left ahead of us.



3 thoughts on “In Dog Years – 45

  1. she is beautiful!! happy birthday nora!!
    my first dog was an adopted flat haired black lab. she was amazingly shiney. we loved her so much. she was mighty sick when we adopted her but we loved her while we had her.

    what a special girl she is, i can tell!!

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