Snow Cancellations

Last year we used no school snow days – which led to one of the earliest starts of Summer yet.


This year we were off to a great start!  Mild winter all around.

One becomes complacent when in New England snow does not come like we are use too.

And complacent we became.

SO when THIS forecast happened –

Snowfall Forecast

it led to our first snow day (today) in almost 2 years.  It has not even started snowing yet.

We have been watching a lot of anniversary coverage of the Blizzard of 1978 this week:

 I was 10.  Lulu is 10 now.  There is a lot of comparison of this storm to that.   Let’s hope the forecast is wrong!

(Crossing Fingers!)

So now our 1st Dance Competition Weekend Away for the girls was cancelled. We are ‘wicked’ bummed out.  (Do people outside of New England say wicked?)

We are hopeful to still spend one night at the hotel, in the pool, and attending a dance workshop.  Coco is making great strides in her recovery of her sprained ankle.  She was going to have to miss her team dance as it was but was looking forward to going.

Are you getting hit with this storm?

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