White is the new… WHITE!

Back to the old Little Red House for a moment…

When we progressed on the upstairs work it allowed up to gain more space on the first floor.

This is the old Living Room, or more recently Play Room.  In this case Playroom = a room in which all odd pieces of furniture land with massive amounts of toys and a tv.


this was taken on a good day

I have a BIG plan for this space.

One that does not include Barbies, Lego, American Girl dolls or art supplies!

Once the room was devoid of its clutter the first step was the removal of the 1998 tan and navy walls.


This room is very odd in shape.  The wall was opened up before we purchased it.


After 3 coats of white primer…



I am just THRILLED with the results:



There is something cathartic about whitewashing almost the entire first floor of your home!

For now we are living with the white primer.  It just feels SO good!

2 thoughts on “White is the new… WHITE!

  1. It does make a huge difference, and so much brighter! I despair of convincing my husband that the pine paneling in our basement bedroom would look so much better if we painted it white.

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