Low Carb Kitchen Makeover

March signifies almost ONE year on our Low Carb Journey!

It is safe to say that I think we will continue with this new life style.  While we have made over how eat  – I have found that my kitchen is finally way overdue for a makeover.  It was still living in my old lifestyle mode.  Tsk Tsk!

This cabinet specifically:


It was my Baking Center.  Old Life.  These days I use it for measuring cups storage and spices.  (iPhone quality photos ahead…)


It is not pretty!


I have committed that it was time to bring it up to pace with our NEW way of cooking – VOILA:


I can actually reach my measuring cups without having them stacked now.  And my spices have been cleared out and prioritized by use.  Specifically I moved my most used to the door – what a great storage system!


Did you notice that I updated my old outdated binders?  One holds all my household information (phone book, emergency information, daily chores lists, etc).


 Then there is my Recipe Binder.  I store all my recipes in sheet protectors in this binder which keeps all that paper clean.


I have a lot of new Low Carb recipes that have been all over my kitchen waiting to be made.  So I added this system to the inside of the binder.  It is working GREAT!


I also added a whole new section right up front now for filing away all these great new recipes that we want to use again.

And just to confirm that we still DO eat low carb – a typical day in my fridge again.  ‘

I updated our food storage to glass (I chose Pyrex) and it was a great choice.  Food lasts longer and by storing the containers upside down I can view what is them with a glance!


And yes, we do eat all that in one week!

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