A Battle is Looming…

There is a battle coming here soon.  A battle of the wills. One that I think I can predict the outcome.

I have a very serious 10-year-old who is mature beyond her years.

She is responsible.

She is methodical and highly regulated.

She is relentless.

She wants a hamster.

Dad does not.

Currently she is researching all her data, compiling her costs, interviewing friends and preparing a Powerpoint to present why she should be able to have a hamster.

To present to Dad.

Dad is not wanting a hamster.

I think once she is done with him, he will see it her way.

Is there any other way?

My first reaction was  – a hamster? No!  But I remember having one at 12 years old.  I was responsible, methodical and relentless.  I might be in her camp on this one.

I for one will enjoy sitting back on this one.  For once I am not the ‘bad guy’!

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