A YEAR Without… (Low Carb Lifestyle)




It can be done.  I did it.

Looking back, I just wanted to make it through Easter.  Then, came Mother’s Day and the Summer.  Followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas.   For me – it got easier for each holiday that passed.

And now it is Easter again.

Was it easy? No, but it was simple.

Once I detox-ed off sugar I could see what I could accomplish:

  • I lost 40 pounds
  • Dropped all my numbers (cholesterol and BP)
  • Increased my activity.  This week I did 15 push-ups (seriously, I could not even do that in high school)
  • I went from a size 12/14 to a 4/6
  • My ring size went from a 7 to 5 3/4
  • I can even buy shoes from the racks now
  • I am a happier person now my anxiety is all but gone

What I DID eat? I replaced all those above things with:

Zucchini-lini & spaghetti squash

Strawberries, blueberries & melon

Pistachios, almonds, cashews & flaxseed muffins.

And some of this

and this

Those and lots of healthy veggies and proteins.  Everyday.

Could you do it?

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