This is my obligatory Angie Miller post.  It has been a long time coming.  And here it is!

First – do I watch American Idol? Not usually.  Decided a few years back that Simon’s negative comments were not the type of family viewing I wanted for my girls.

Then, this year we heard people around town saying ‘did you hear about Angie?’  Come to find out Angie Miller is from our home town.  Not only that she is from our neighborhood.  In fact she’s about 10 houses away.  Plus – she is AMAZING!

SO we tuned in.  And the girls are loving it.

Then we saw this and we were HOOKED!

Wednesday nights in our home are spent hoping she will perform before 9 PM.  Which does not always happen.  So Thursday mornings are usually spent in front of YouTube watching her performance(s) before they go to school.

It has been very exciting.  She is a wonderful girl and such a great role model for my girls.

Recently our High School has been hosting ‘Angie Night’ where the community gathers to watch her in the auditorium.  My girls beg to go.    I told them if she makes it to the Top 3 we can go.

After last night – I may have to follow through on that promise!

American Idol Tour tickets go on sale this Friday.  Too bad Keith Urban is not on the tour ❤

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