GrassFed: To My Door

What is a girl to do when she is trying to commit to eating what she thinks is the RIGHT food but has so much trouble finding it.

 Amazon has been great for some items (coconut aminos for one).  Local farms and markets sometimes carry what I am looking for.  But it is hit or miss.  Not to mention E X P E N S I V E.

I have played with the idea of ordering perishable items before but just never pulled the trigger.

This week I did it!

I found a company, honestly I just picked one: US WELLNESS

I placed an order on Sunday afternoon.  I tried to pick items that I have trouble finding near by.  And ones that did not break my piggy bank.  Did I mention the free shipping?

Wednesday morning I received an email saying my order had shipped.  At 1 PM on Wednesday (the SAME day) I met my Fedex Guy at the door with this!


Inside I found a styrofoam cooler:2-IMG_5833

And surprise – everything was frozen solid!3-IMG_5835

First up:  free range chicken wings – something I have a really hard time finding here.  We LOVE Buffalo Wings on the grill.4-IMG_5836

Second Layer:  Hamburger, london broil, pastured pork lard (I know… I know…), pastured pork bacon ends and some breakfast sausage (pastured) as a treat.5-IMG_5837

The London Broil was on special – so I ordered 2.  I could NEVER find steaks this big anywhere where near this way up here in New England. 6-IMG_5839I am pleased.  AND I will order again.

I am hopeful that my local farms can provide what I need as the Summer season rolls around. But at least I now have a back up plan!!

This opinion is all mine, I have had no contact with US Wellness other than to place my order!

Have you ever ordered online??

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