The White Factor: Journey Complete!

Shame on me.  My last update on this was 11 months.

This week is 22 months!

This will finish up my series on this subject.  Pop over and catch up here HERE!


So, I guess there is not much to say other than what has been said.  I have completely grown out all my old hair color.


Last week

It took 22 months to do it.  There was no shortcut (no pun intended) to get here.  As I chose not to cut it short.

 I am in a good place.


Looking back at old photos all I see is old brown.





Now, I see my very dark brown and white.  And it feels right.

08-1-image 4

My colors feel right for makeup and clothing.


My face feels right, almost like the white helps to soften the lines that 45 years brings.


This whole process has helped me to face the person in the mirror and lose the weight and get healthy and fit.

02-Joe and Karen tilted 220

It is all part of my package now.


About MeThe White Factor: Month 6Under the canopy

Still more brown to grow out05-IMG_5367

Thanks for following along!



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3 thoughts on “The White Factor: Journey Complete!

  1. You are a beautiful lady. I love your natural hair color. I think we all reach an age where we become who we really are, our authentic self or at least we hope to.I am still working on that one. I am 50 and thought I’d have it all together and I may but of course I have no idea where I put it. 😉

  2. I, too, have stopped coloring my hair – but i cut the old very wrong brown off. I have patches of white throughout my hair, and am growing it out, to see what surprises are in store for me! I have a few places that need trimming, but I am so happy to not be a slave to the fake color any more!! Freedom!! Your post is inspiring! Thank you.

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