How Did THAT Happen?

I remember the day – 13 years ago.

Actually, it was a midnight wake up call and it was finally time to meet her.  In her usual manner she arrived on her own time frame and with LOTS of drama.  The nurses told me she was the prettiest baby they have had in the nursery in a long time.  I chose to believe them.  Old ladies would stop me in the market and say ‘I have seen a lot of babies in my day and THAT is a beautiful baby’.  Blush

When we chose her special name, Colby, it was because I knew she would have that beautiful dark hair and deep features.  A mother just knows.

She believed she was a princess and I think she still thinks she can be.  I completely support her in this.

Today she turns 13, THIRTEEN.

That puts me in the ‘Mom to Teenager’ category.  I could not be happier to be the Mom to this teen.








Happy Birthday Princess!!

You are beautiful inside and out.12-IMG_6301

Oh yes, and this one is not far behind!


2 thoughts on “How Did THAT Happen?

  1. Awww your girls are so very beautiful! I hope Colby has a wonderful birthday!!! Love all your family pictures. The love comes through in every one. ❤

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