Back to Paper?

I have found myself conflicted as of late. I LOVE my iPhone/MS Outlook calendar.

Synchronization is my favorite thing ever.

Yet, lately I have found myself drawn to going back to a paper organizer.


I started out with a Franklin Covey that I had personalized with sections when we purchased our home.  Personal data, household data, To Do lists with to do lists inside of to do lists.  I loved using different colored pens and sticky notes.  I still have it tucked away like an old teddy bear.

Then when I became a mom I switched to this Amy Knapp Family Organizer and  have used for years.  What I loved about it – the grocery list, separate TO DO list and menu planning right there.  But I loved that the daily blocks did not have the time breakdowns.  I could just jot things down.  that is what worked as a Stay at Home Mom with two little girls who did not have a lot of places to be.

A Look Inside

Then the girls grew up and I become more dependent on my MS Outlook calendar.  Which syncs with my iPhone so I ALWAYS have an updated calendar with me.  With beeps and reminders as to where I am supposed to be.  I color code and am able to ‘repeat’ things like dance lessons without having to write them all year.  And it has worked.  I can carry it in my pocket.  And my data backs up.

My Laptop: (not my life obviously…)

My iPhone:

But lately I have found myself desiring going back to paper.  Something about having a book and not an electronic device.  Something about actually writing and planning.   The creative process involved that I am not getting from my online calendar.  Not feeling a slave to my laptop or phone all day.  Maybe keeping the book open on my counter and not my laptop which inevitable keeps me distracted from real life.

So I have been looking around and things are even better than I remember!

Martha Stewart has a really neat system that I have been thinking about for a year now:

I love how Jen at I heart Organizing was able to customize her system:

Be sure to see her entire post about her system! Amazing!

Then I found this system while not as custom it is very similar and ready to go.

Either way August 2013 is when most systems start-up for a new calendar so I will be deciding SOON!

What do you prefer?!?!

3 thoughts on “Back to Paper?

  1. I’m dying to get the Erin Condren one…love it and love how you can customize the covers 🙂 I feel ya on having a book in your hand to write on…a feeling that can’t be replaced by the Iphone….Maybe it’s the scrapbooker in us.

  2. I have the Martha Stewart set. I go a little crazy with the color coded dots (they are so fun) but you know I am a pen and paper girl..and I will never get rid of my sticky notes.!

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