Oopsie Bread


A long while back I found a grain free recipe for rolls called Oopsie Rolls.  I made them and tried to convince my daughter to eat one with me.  In a polite way (not) she told me she did not care for it.  And has found every opportunity since then to bring them up.

So when I announced this week that I was indeed going to try a new bread recipe – given that I have not eaten bread of any type for over a year and a half now – she giggled.  She said ‘are you going to make Oopsie Bread?’

I will get back to that….


The girls are back to school and the house is quiet and the skies are cloudy with a most welcome cold front moving in.  A perfect day I would say.

So I decided to make the World-Famous Sandwich Bread recipe from the book Against all Grain by Danielle Walker.  It is an amazing collection of gluten, grain and dairy free recipes. Not to mention her story is amazing also.


There were multiple steps to this so I thought it best to line all my ingredients up.


I made the cashew butter earlier this morning.  I had trouble finding the recipe for this so I will jot that here:  Food Processor – 2 cups raw cashews & 3 T melted coconut oil.  Run until a smooth butter forms.  Maybe 5-7 minutes.


It is about here I realized that it was best to use my KitchenAid for the egg whites and my hand mixer for the other mixing tasks.

I nervously followed along as I do all new recipes.  Especially grain free baking.  

Once I combined the egg whites into the batter I noticed something…


GASP – the coconut flour was still on the counter.  6-IMG_6718

Yup – Oopsie Bread!

And – I started ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

I even had to remake the cashew butter and barely had the 1/4 cup of coconut milk (which I substituted in place of almond milk).


It looks like bread and it smells like bread.  Well, a grain free bread!  I think if I had not rushed the second loaf it would have set up a little higher.  Live and learn!


I can assure you this is SO much better than Oospie Rolls.

Even Coco agreed that it was good.  To me it’s heaven! There is a Tablespoon of honey in this and I contemplated using Swerve Sweetener to make it sugar free.  But I am glad I chose not to do that.

I borrowed this from my library – but I will be purchasing this book for my collection.


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