Little Red House Mailbox

Growing up we had a mailbox right at our door.   One does not really appreciate the luxury of that until you don’t have that option anymore.

My mail route requires us to have a mailbox curbside.  While it is not usually a problem –  keep in mind that the snow usually covers the mailbox by February and we are not very diligent about shoveling it out.  There was a time we went about 6 days with no mail.

Of course, this is when I was home with very small children.

Fast forward seventeen years.  This is our sad little mailbox:


I think she has had enough.  Her red flag is long gone.  The gold stick on letters – the Mr. must have put those on.  The bayberry underneath looks like it wants to swallow it.  And is that rust?

Once (OK more than once) our mail lady put a note in the box asking to trim the bush back.  But we still like her.


We finally purchased a new box (a bigger one).  I pulled out the pruners and my awesome Silhouette Cameo.  I had seem some ideas of mailboxes that I wanted to mimic.

And here is our new highly respected box.



HUGE improvement I would say!


Our mail lady was the first to complement us on it.  Told us it was the nicest on the street!

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