Treats & Sweets for the Sweet

We survived!

But that top row of lights on the tree did not.IMG_7421

One benefit to having older kids is that the sun was actually up before the girls this year!

We love how Santa knows to wrap in two different papers with no tags.  The girls have to dig to the bottom of their stockings for one gift in their wrapping paper.


It was my holiday to host this year.  I had the menu covered with Chicken Parmesan.  I approached it simply – one pan for our guests with bread crumbs and a separate pan for us using crushed pecans for our breading.  I asked family members to bring salad, bread & dessert.


Yup- there is that word.  A hard one for a low carbing, grain free, sugar-free person.  If I have learned one thing in the past few months just going without is not the best solution.  So I came up with another.

I found this amazing recipe on Primal Instinct: Paleo Peppermint Brownie Roll

Paleo Peppermint Brownie Roll

I decided that the roll looked lovely but a trifle might just be a tad easier.  I made the chocolate brownie (with coconut flour) as the recipe called for.  I supplemented some fresh strawberries and my new favorite fruit blackberries.  In place of the coconut whipped cream I used heavy whipping cream with vanilla and some Swerve sweetener.


The berries added a whole layer of sweet on their own.


A few more layers into the bowl and it was beautiful on my table.

 The Mr. and I were thrilled to have such a sweet treat!

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