The Yoga Pant Issue

Rarely do I post about fashion.  I do not consider myself all that fashionable.

Correction: I LOVE fashion but as the CEO of Little Red House Designs I rarely have the opportunity to dress as I would like without people asking if I am interviewing today.

Like many over the holidays I slowed down on my exercising routine.  I am craving getting back to it once my kids get back to school.  With predictions of a major Nor’easter headed our way on the day they are due to return after 13 days off already its enough to make crave anything!

A collection of my work out wear is sitting in the corner in my bedroom. Calling me.

I used to LOVE to jump into my yoga pants and head out for the morning to run my errands and stop to work out.  Lately my ‘behind view’ is not as favorable.  Worse – I cannot deal with the fact that you can see my underwear line under those fabulous pants.  Going without is NOT and option and I am not partial to thongs.

What is a girl to do.

I wanted to share that I FINALLY found the perfect underwear to wear under yoga pants.  I feel like I am finally in on the ‘big secret’!

It is the DKNY Fusion Panty.

 I bought my first pair at the Nordstrom’s clearance rack back in early November.  Fell in LOVE!  Luckily, I was able to purchase a few more pairs on Black Friday at a significant discount at Bare Necessities.

What makes them perfect is they have a laser cut edge.

Seriously, they disappear under your yoga pants, or fitted pants or jeans for that matter.  AND they stay in place if you know what I mean!!

An odd post to end the year with – I know.  But I just bet I am not the only one who had this ‘issue’!  I have a major gift card burning a hole in my purse and I cannot wait to pick out new pair of yoga pants with confidence now!

Happy New Year – Looking forward to sharing more in 2014!!

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