Life Planner at Work

So new, so clean, so intimidating!

I will admit it took me a few days before I really sat down and wrote on my pristine planner.


I waited until the house was quiet, made a cup of coffee and then took a deep breath.  Grabbed my dedicated Paper Mate Flair markers (the perfect markers – fine point, great colors and do not bleed through to the next page) and started with birthdays.  That was a good place to start.

Once I got more comfortable (and my hand relaxed) I added my carpool drive schedule.  I thought this would be the hardest part to adjust to on paper vs. my iPhone.  So here I cheated.  I keep this schedule in my phone also – with set alarms to beep and remind me ‘time to drive’


Then I added our meal plan for the week.  Gym schedules, volunteer schedules, etc.  It got easier!!

I had a color scheme for each month.

Now it’s just a mess that only makes sense to me – which is perfect!


It’s a great planner.  I adjusted much faster than I expected.  It is a tad heavier than I thought but I do carry it around.  When I don’t have it with me – I ask Siri to remind me to add it to my planner.

It’s a perfect marriage.

She is usually parked in my kitchen right near me!

How are you keeping yourself organized this year?!

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