On Her Toes


I am thinking back to the days when I had two little baby girls in the house.  And how fast it has all gone by.

Coco has been a fairy princess since she was born.  As soon as she was old enough to put on a dress up veil – she was a bride getting ready to marry Daddy.  She had a dress up wardrobe that others were envious of.  In fact, the only way I found to potty train this child was in a tutu.

At 3 years old she got her first little pink leo and tights and was in a little ballet class at a local kids activity place.   She took it very seriously.  At 4 years old she graduated to the YMCA little ballerina class.

At 5 years old we enrolled her in our local Dance School.  This was a big deal – there would be recitals on stage.

1-photo 1

Keep in mind that this little dark curly-haired child was a tad shy.  There were times I worried about her she was so shy.  But what we learned is – if she was in a tutu and on stage – she shined!   Family is still amazed at the confidence she shows on stage.

Fast forward to 13 years old.

She loves to dance.  I am a Dance Mom.  She takes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Competition Team, Competition Duets, and Pre-Pointe.

It is that last one that is a big deal right now.  She was just notified that she is ready.

Ready to go up on Pointe.


This has been a goal of hers since I remember.  The hours spent reading Angelina Ballerina.  The hours spent practicing that double pirouette so she could get on the dance team.  Doing her homework in a straddle position so she would be limber for dance class.  The sore toes in getting her feet ready for being on pointe.  She works hard.  All I do is drive back and forth.  This one is all hers.  She set this goal and earned the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Off we went off to the dance store to have her official fitting for her pointe shoes.  She popped up and giggled, I was just thrilled for her.

Now the shoes are here – ribbons have been sewn on.


They are elegant, beautiful and princess like – just like my Coco.

2-photo 21520817_10201232136345610_409619951_n

One thought on “On Her Toes

  1. LOVE THIS! Such a beauty, from the beginning, now and always! Congratulations to Coco and you. You are doing a great job, Mom. 🙂

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