How you do face conflicts within your self?

Lately – I have wanted to do things that I have committed to not doing.  Like color my hair, skip exercise, eat M&Ms, twirl some pasta on a fork, popcorn at the movies and just eat a sweet fried donut!

I am far from perfect – I want to do all these things.

BUT what stops me? Two words:


I could do all of these things.  I am a grown woman.  I really don’t answer to anyone.  So what harm can it do?

THEN WHAT? stops me.

I don’t want to spend another two years growing my hair color out again.

I don’t want to buy new clothes because I did not go to the gym.

Come on, it’s just a little taste!

I don’t want to spend the rest of the week craving more and more sugar after being triggered by the M&Ms, donuts or popcorn.

I don’t want to trigger more brain fog, sleepiness or that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach (among other uncomfortable symptoms I won’t mention) just because I did not want to order the salad with chicken at that Italian restaurant.

I don’t want to watch the scale go up up up.

In the journey I have been on I have learned I definitely have something off in my system. I am especially thankful I made these changes when I did for I wonder how off was I before?

I finally had some food allergy testing done (for antibodies in my blood vs. anaphylaxis).

I suspect inflammation due to leaky gut.  Fun stuff.

My main symptom has been hair loss.  I had my thyroid tested.  I take a regimen of vitamins and supplements.  That was not it.  After a summer long elimination diet of my suspected foods (from the allergy testing) I learned a few things.

I should not be consuming:

Bakers Yeast – yes, that would be in all baked goods.

Brewers Yeast – in red wine that I had just started to enjoy

Sugar Cane – need I say more?

Crab – thankfully I was never a fan

Tuna – unfortunately I was a fan

Corn – that would include ALL corn products (corn syrup anyone?)

Oats – a childhood staple in my diet.

Gluten – is not my friend.

and Beef, Pork Lamb and Turkey should be limited.  I do eat these – but not everyday.

Another is I cannot live on chicken alone for 6 weeks!!

 Sadly, my hair loss symptoms did not subside.  Then, I realized the only thing that I reintroduced into my diet around the time the hair loss started  but I did not remove was dark chocolate.

Guess what – it was the chocolate.

I have short white spikes of hair all over my head to prove it.

 Whether it is the sugar cane, the cocoa, or cocoa butter I am not sure yet.  

So, now I detoxify from chocolate – or I should say recover from the depression of losing my precious dark chocolate treat – I am feeling so much better.

When I say THEN WHAT? it reminds me that all of these things that tempt me can cause so much havoc in my system.  It is not ‘just have a taste’ – it’s serious business.

 I am reminded that this journey is more about weight loss, looking and feeling good – but being healthy and staying healthy.  And listening to my body.

2 thoughts on “THEN WHAT?

  1. Great post. I think I’m going to try to start using the “Then What” when I want something I know is not going to make me feel good for more than the 30 seconds I’m eating it.

  2. This is such a good post. I totally need to keep that in the front of my mind as I reintroduce things to my diet. Even with the sugar detox, I’m still finding myself wanting a little treat now and again. I guess I need to find a little treat that is allowable and then make sure to stay stocked. I worked so hard to get off the sugar. I do not want to trigger those cravings again! And that is so crazy about the chocolate. how sad. 😦

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