Mid-February Moments

Some moments I was able to capture as this LONG cold month is slowly creeping by.

There were some of these around the house in early February.


I just keep eating this!


Then it was time for the Girl Scout’s Sweethearts Dance.

This is our last one! Sniff  She picked her own dress and did her own styling.

This one is going to give me more white hair!





We keeping getting MORE of this!


Which brings us to Valentine’s Day today.  Remember when you made a paper envelope stapled on three sides and wrote your name on it to collect Valentines?  Yeah, not so much these days!

But it is Lulu’s last one as this tradition is not carried on at Middle School.  I do love the bacon and eggs!

Her homemade Valentine’s this year.

They had cute sayings like ‘You’re a KOOL friend”, “Have a KOOL Valentine’s Day”.  


34 days until SPRING!!

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