Awesome Thighs

I wish I could say I was talking about mine – which are not in the best of shape after this long cold winter we have been suffering from this year.  But I am working on that!

What I mean is chicken thighs.  Organic chicken thighs.


After eating as much chicken as I have over the past year I have decided that I prefer the dark meat.  It works out perfectly actually.  When I make  roasted chicken – the Mr. and the kids eat the breast, Coco devours the legs and wings, and I eat a little of the breast but LOVE the dark meat on the bottom.

It occurred to me why I don’t buy more thigh meat?

I usually purchase Coleman Organic whole chickens and breasts at Costco – they seems to always have it and it is priced reasonable (meaning not cheap but I am committed to organic chicken for my family).  But I usually spy that they have chicken thighs for a lot less but never buy it.

Until recently!

Now I buy more thighs than breasts!

My recipe is pretty straight forward.  The kids call it ‘salty chicken’ – I season the thighs on both sides with salt, pepper, garlic powder & paprika.  I am pretty liberal with all of those.  Toss in the oven (convection roast 400 works best) for about 25-30 mins.

Once cooked through something funny happens.

One by one they start disappearing.  Fast!

I try to let them cool then store them in the fridge in a container – because these are best served cold!  We chop, shred or eat them whole.  But they do not last long.

Rarely do the kids ask for anything – but they seem to love these.  I have even thrown them into their lunch thermos and get ‘thanks for the chicken for lunch’ at the end of the day.

So don’t be so quick to pass up the chicken thighs – especially if the price is right!

Once my grill freed from its snow bank we will grill these!

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