Play Season!

The Little Red House is in construction mode.

Play costume construction that is!

  • 1-const 1

It is time for Lulu’s 5th Grade Play – Annie!

Unlike last time around where I had sewing backup – this time I am a lone sewer.  Things will not be so grand and complex – but then again – the Depression Era of the 1930s was not either.  Thankfully!

Some things I am working on:

                  • Annie’s red dress
                  • Boylon Sister’s complementary outfits
                  • Lots of fur collars, scarves and general ‘zudging’ up of costumes.
                  • and many many more details…2-construction 2

It should be fun – I love working with the kids – but I am sure it will be exhausting also.

Therefore – my posting will be limited until Early April.

Thanks for your patience!

Feel free to take a look at the last play I worked on heavily – Mary Poppins! You can see that HERE and HERE.


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