Play Recovery Mode

My Lulu playing the 'Start-to-Be role.

Friday night was the last performance of Annie Jr. for my Lulu’s 5th grade class.  And yes, I handled every costume.  And yes, now I am tired.

No, very tired.

Actually – exhausted.

I did not even realize how tired I was until I took a three hour nap on Saturday afternoon and still slept through the night.

Folks, that never happens.

  It is time to move on to more bright and fun things now that I am no longer living in the Depression Era of 1933.  I will say this – my Mom was 3 then.  Life was sure different for her than it is for us.  Maybe she is better off because of it?

She is the oldest one in this photo.

On a sweet note – the house is filled with flowers right now.

A dear friend dropped these off for me before the big performance on Thursday.  I think she is as tired as I am!


And these were a gift to me from the school play directors (art teacher and gym teacher).

They have added a bright and cheery feel to the house.

As does the extended day light we have had recently.

And the birds chirping in the morning, and the Spring Peepers that are just starting their own chorus up every evening.

Even the ring of ice on the pool cover is starting to melt!!

I think Spring is here!




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