Sweetened Beverages

Other than water and coffee – there is not a lot to drink on in low carb, grain free, sugar free lifestyle.

I do enjoy seltzer of many flavors.  I really enjoy these STUR Water Flavor Enhancers – I prefer these over other brands as they contain Stevia.

Stur Six Flavors

And I am totally fine with my kids using Stevia.  Splenda? Not so much.

I might even keep one in my purse for when we go out for a cocktail (shhhh!)

Over Christmas – I contemplated purchasing a Soda Stream with the idea that we could use these Stur flavor enhancers and control the ingredients in what we were drinking.  Problem is I have one child who very much dislikes ‘bubbles’.  So I passed.

Recently, I found this great post on Healthy Living How To: Pomegranate Iced Green Tea sharing a great ice tea idea.  And it is lightly sweetened with Stevia!

Gee, I love ice tea.  I just prefer to brew my own and drink it decaf.

When I re-read the article I realized she was using an Ice Tea Maker.

“Y’all what is this?” asked the Northern Girl who suspects on some days she should be living in the South!?

I did not even know people made ice tea on anything other than a stove top.

I did some research and decided to go for it.  Even though in The Little Red House counter space is very limited – if it worked out I would find a spot for it.  I chose this Back to Basics Ice Tea Maker because the thought of brewing hot tea into anything other than glass did not seem right to me.

I ordered up some lovely Decaf Pomegranate Green Tea bags.   Picked up some fresh lemons.  Made my first pitcher.

Little did I know the whole family would start drinking it daily!  Even the Mr. seems to pass on his Diet Coke for a glass of this.  The kids ask for it.

And my 13.5 year old is a tough sell on ANYTHING these days.

But that may be because I refuse to buy juice or juice boxes anymore.

It’s a win win!

I am so glad I did not get the soda stream.  We have already made a pot of raspberry and plan to do a pot of Wild Berry Zinger soon!

This girl has earned her spot on my tiny kitchen counter!!



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