Spring Dining Room

It has been over a year since I have what I referred to as my ‘midlife crisis‘.

This was the day I decided to whitewash our front room from navy blue and tan to solid white.

It was the most cathartic thing I have done in a LONG time!

I left you with these photos…



(You can read all about that HERE)

Today I am FINALLY able to share the transformation of the room.

This front room served as our family room (in its LONG extended shape) for many many years.  After that it served as our ‘toy room’.  Hey, every home with small children has to have one right?


I am thrilled to share how the room looks today.


This uncluttered bright space is working so much better for us.  We moved our dining room set into this room and the space feels right for the first time since we moved here (16.5 years ago?).

The table is no longer a ‘clutter collector’.

I enjoy spending time on the new white couch (which faces a tv across from it).  Unfortunately, so does Nora, our BLACK shedding lab.   But it’s a washable slip cover!   Ignore the hamster tanks next to the couch 😉

Things still to be decided in this space:

  1. A color for the chair seats.  I would love to find something that plays off of the teal rug on the floor (corner).  Yet, the neutral works too.
  2. I like that there is no rug under the table but I play the idea of a natural fiber one.
  3. To keep the neutral pillows on the couch?  Color is so hard to commit to!
  4. Artwork.  Every time I take a photo that I love – I think this is perfect…then I change my mind.

What do you think??

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