Spring Green for Easter

 We had a last-minute change to our Easter plans.  One that meant I was not making bacon and eggs for 12 but instead just a simple day for just us.

On Saturday I took some time to marinate some chicken thighs in a recipe that I was wanting to try.

Asian Chicken Thighs! from Nom Nom Paleo.  

And, YUP it was green!  Spring green!

I was assured in the recipe that once cooked the green would go away…


and it did!


They tasted as good as they smelled.

The only thing that could complement this was Melissa’s Grain Free, Sugar Free & Low Carb Cheesecake, of course!!

I am glad I realized this needed to sit in the fridge overnight – so I made this on Saturday also.

The biggest point to make here is I have never made a cheesecake before.  And this one was so easy and came out perfect.


It had a great almond flour & pecan crust.  I was a tad worried about making this with Stevia (I only use KAL and this recipe called for it). But I was pleasantly surprised there was a great sweetness but no bitter aftertaste.


Once we added the strawberries – it added just the right amount of natural sweetness.


Coco still does not know it had no sugar in it…  don’t tell her – she had two pieces!!



I hope you all had a great Easter with your families!



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