Project What?

Confession:  I am a big scrapbooker – did you know that about me?

Did you know:

          • I started scrapbooking in 1997? 
          • I own over seventeen 12×12 albums stuffed to the gills?
          • I was a Close to My Heart rep for two years?
          • I have scrapped almost all the moments of both my girls’ lives since they were born?
          • Two times a year I leave my family behind and head out of town to a ‘scrapbooking weekend’?  
          • I own SO many scrapping supplies I don’t even have a place for them in my small home?

But in the past year my zeal for it has changed.

My photography has changed and using an iPhone has changed my pictures also.

 I have changed.

Enter Project Life.

Basically, I still scrapbook just on a smaller scale.  I also don’t adhere to any ‘scrapping formulas’ like I did before.  For me it is more about capturing daily life with my young teen/tween in place of two page spreads on a party we held.

And it is working.

The investment for me was minimal as I already had 90% of what I needed.

And the best part is I still fulfill that need to create something – I just don’t need to be 2+ hours away from home to accomplish it anymore.

I also am letting go of imperfections.

Such as this photo – where I would never show such a messy room in a picture – now I appreciate that is part of our real life.


This picture tells a story to me.  And while it is not ‘perfect’ I love what it has to say.  (Mainly that Coco can show her children that her room was a disaster as a teen HA!).

I am glad my girls have their ‘perfect’ albums up through elementary school.

I am also glad they will have this record of daily life to look back on also.

Instead of this:


I now create this:

1-IMG_2021 2-IMG_2019 3-IMG_2023

Not perfect – But better in its own way.

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