Carving Out Space

As soon as the last hem was sewn from Lulu’s 5th grade play “Annie” I had a plan!

This is where I sew:


It is a nook carved out of my bedroom.  That my husband tolerates.  And the mess it brings.  It is not pretty.

Who does not dream of their own room to create a multi purpose crafting/sewing space?

But, this is the Little Red House.  There is not room for that.

It was time to ‘clean that up’ and transform the work space.

I want to be able to sit and just work on a scrapbook page when I want.  Not to have to haul all my stuff out.

This seems to be working!


I reorganized all the sewing stuff to the bare minimum and put the machine away.

Now all my scrapping items for my new approach right in front of me.

Washi tape, ribbon, cutters, stamping pads, and my Project Life cards are now right there.


I also LOVE that my Silhouette Cameo has a permanent place and that is getting used MUCH more now too.

The bins still hide a lot of my ‘supplies’ that don’t get used but that I want close by.

The morning sun that comes through that window makes this a wonderful place to sit and work.

And given that the kids are almost out of school – it gives me a place to hang out that is not always with them 😉

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