Make it Easier – Food Prep

There are times I am more successful than others.

About  6 months into changing my lifestyle I realized I needed to plan better so I could do better.

One book I read early on helped me learn how to maintain this lifestyle: Paleoista.  It gave such great ideas on how to manage food better.   It takes time but I have learned that if I have the right food on hand in the house and it is prepped correctly I can function.

Honestly, I can have a fridge stuffed with fresh organic veggies and protein but if they are just sitting in the original bags they usually go bad before I get to them.

I thought I would share my top three favorite things that help me.

Veggie Prep:


One of my favorite meals is a stir-fry.  It gets my veggies in with healthy fats and some protein.  Once I have all my fresh broccoli and cauli and zucchini in the fridge I prep:

Broccoli – I purchase at least two bags (about 6-8 heads)  I cut it all down into pieces and pack it into large Ziploc bags.  Then I steam half of it – and store it cooked in a glass container.  That way I can stir-fry quickly or if I am short on time I can heat up the pre-cooked really fast.

Cauli – I usually bring two home.  I also cut this into smaller pieces.  Half I put into a Ziploc bag for steaming later on in the week and the other half I run through the food processor and store it in another glass container so I can easily make cauli rice.

Zucchini – No less than 6-8 zukes.  I love zucchini.  I pull out my mandolin and slice it all up into coin sized pieces and store it all in glass containers.  Then it is ready for stir fry.  Sometimes I save 3 and make zucchini noodles but I do that the day of.

If I do all this on my grocery shop day – I usually end up eating it all by the week’s end.


Since my allergy testing I try to stick to mainly chicken.  Nothing is worse than defrosting chicken and not getting it cooked in time.  I literally have to write it in my calendar three days after I take it out – so I am not tossing it out.

I prep it so many different ways – bake, grilled, roast, stir-fry, crock-pot and poached.  It just depends on the season.  Lately – I have been poaching.  In large batches.  And the easiest way to shred all this:


Just toss it in the Kitchen Aid!6-IMG_8544

Sometimes I use it right away – sometimes I refreeze it.  It is all about having it ready to go.


OK – while I have cut way back on pork in general – that does not include bacon.

I love bacon.

A little too much – and I have found that if I cook a package of bacon – there is little left for the recipe I made it for.

The best advice I got on this was – freeze it in smaller portion sizes.

Seriously this is a game changer.  Now I can pull 2-3 slices at a time from the freezer and it is ready by dinner time to cook just what I need for dinner.

All of these suggestions make it easier – the trick is to just carve out time.

These are the glass storage containers that I use:

Pyrex 6 Piece Storage Set

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