Winding It Down

I came to the realization last week that I am indeed done.

After 8 years of being heavily involved in our elementary school as a parent volunteer – I am done.

My second child is officially a ‘Middle Schooler’

Let me repeat that – I have TWO children in Middle School.

And I am SO HAPPY!

I was not expecting that elated feeling – but that is the feeling.

Lulu got a little special treatment the day before I surprised her with her first mani.


During her ceremony each student makes a small speech.  Hers was wonderful.

We expected no less.  She tends to over achieve.


She shed some tears (of happiness too?)

I on the other hand was thinking – save those tears for Middle School!

But she was not shedding any tears over the presentation of…

11-IMG_2163the cell phone.

I am a sucker for anything that promotes independence.  And she was ready.

We stuck with our original plan we used with Colby.  A text and talk phone with a contract we all sign.

High expectations were set.  Which, if followed would lead to a better phone – later on.

I am sure she will meet those expectations too.  Did I mention she is an over achiever?


So grown up.  So ready for Middle School!

This one:


is THRILLED that her pack is back home full time!

One thought on “Winding It Down

  1. Our youngest is moving into intermediate school this year so no more elementary aged kids for us too. It’s so weird moving into this new phase of life! We’ve had one in elementary for 18 years!

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