The REAL Teenage Year

We had a celebration of a birthday here!

Coco turned 14.


We were allowed to take her out for a nice breakfast.

And present her with a few small gifts.

And we were allowed to present her with


a cupcake.

Then she was off to the beach with her girlfriends.

As it should be…

How silly I was when Coco turned 13 last year and I thought we had entered the Teen Years.

I remember when she turned 2 and I was warned of ‘the terrible twos.

And – they were not that bad.

Then she turned 3.

No-one warns you about 3!

Well – that is how I am feeling about 14.

I am also spending a LOT of time reliving my 14th year lately.

Was I like that?

Did I demand independence and think my mother knew absolutely nothing?  That she was simply my chauffeur?

Who – ME?

I suspect my mother is having a field day with this…

I should add it is not all that bad.  She has a great sense of humor and I love spending time with her.  She has an amazing fashion sense and we can even share shoes.

I am blessed to be her mom ❤

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