My View Lately

Summer’s arrival has brought mixed feelings.

My first feeling is – if I have the chance to sit on the couch and do nothing – hands down that wins EVERY TIME.

My second feeling is – these kids are not getting younger.  Or am I!

Lately – this is my view:


Lulu and I are ‘training’ on our bikes.

By training I mean – we go for a ride.

 We track our ride with a GPS App and make sure we go further each time we go out.


But there are rules…

like –

Mom has to be in the mood

It cannot be too hot

Or during high traffic times

I want to go when I want to go – not when she wants to go

We stop almost every .25 mile for water or to just chat.

We are enjoying our time out together.

We are up to 5.65 miles.

I find myself reminiscing a lot lately about how when I was 14 this is how I got around.

All the time.

The other view I am seeing a lot of lately is this:


 It seems that every ‘plastic’ piece on the pool has decided to not do its job this year.

But that one is fixable!

Like I said – no one is getting any younger!

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