Summer Snapshot

I simply did not post this summer.

I had no intentions of taking the summer off – I just did.

I had plenty of things to work on – not all of it was things I will share.


I focused on having fun with my family.

I thought I would share in photos some of those moments.

The first thing we did was institute ‘Date Night’.  Once a week Mom & Dad went out for dinner.  Girls loved the independence we enjoyed to reconnecting time.  I highly recommend this.  We made it a point to go to newer places we wanted to try.


Finally got the Mr. back up on a ladder to finish painting the house

16-IMG_2379 14-IMG_2399

And the shutters installed on the upstairs addition


We packed up and took a family trip to my happy place – the White Mountains


We spent a day at Mount Attitash riding the Alpine Slide.  I remember being there when I was 10. It was thrilling.

There is no way I would ever flip my sled!


Even though we did flip our sleds earning a dislocated knuckle and numerous skin burns

we make it out alive. 25-IMG_23151-IMG_2316 23-IMG_2307
Not trip is finished until we stop here on the way home!

My CSA was light this year but the food was VERY tasty!


The Tween was invited away for the weekend and the Teen and I had fun with her first Pedi


and some outlet shopping.17-IMG_0005
I mastered a bread recipe that I just LOVE


The girls got away from us for a whole week at camp!10-IMG_2443

And we even let them come home.08-IMG_2486-SMILE

Lulu is almost officially taller than Coco! Yikes!

I spent almost a week of my summer trying to lock down and control the wifi in my home – with not much luck. (Due to iPhones – if we had Androids this would be a lot easier!)

That is a whole other post!


I spent a LOT of time turning THIS:


into THIS: 06-IMG_2614

Unfortunately, then this happened.

I am now the mother of TWO Middle School girls!

We are off to a great September start.

And yes, my knuckle is still swollen 😦

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