A Gathering

I am going to politely ignore it has been months since my last post.  Fast forward….

Today we are in the midst of a Nor’easter rain storm.  I am lucky enough to live on the coast – as we are getting rain and not snow.  I have the illumination of the Christmas tree and decorations keeping me warm.

Last week I was invited to a neighborhood evening for Wreath Making.  It was held at our local community center.


It was a most lovely evening.

It could have been the hot cocoa bar that was set up with lovely gluten free treats and spirits or it was the abundance of the festive supplies we all had to choose from.

But I think it was the gathering of friends.

Some are close, some are Mom’s from school that I happen to know.  For the evening we were all supportive and came together to start the Christmas Season.

 09-IMG_3385 04-IMG_3377 08-IMG_3384 07-IMG_3383 06-IMG_3382

My wreath almost completed


 While many opted to hang on their doors, I choose inside.


I hope this becomes an annual event!

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