New England Village & My Holiday Trick

My teen this year declared she was freeing my Dept. 56 New England Village from the attic this year.

While I lugged it all down, and organized the boxes for her she jumped into setting the village up.


I am not sure why it has not seen the light of day for so many years.

Well, yes I do.

Small curious fingers and lack of space are two main reasons.  Also all of my pieces are retired now making me feel very protective.

Between two Christmas Trees, candles in the windows and now the village I dreaded the thought of running around at dusk everyday to flip things on then off again at bedtime.


My Holiday Trick?  I use timers.  I adore timers.


The girls enjoy coming down in the early morning to find things lit and they don’t even know that by the time they leave for school it’s all off again.

3-IMG_9261 4-IMG_9263 5-IMG_92696-IMG_92727-IMG_9273 IMG_9258

 When I come home alone after dark and find the house all aglow.  It just warms my heart.

I suspect know that I will be the one putting it all away in January.

That would be another reason I have not used it in so long!

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