A Buffet to Paint

Did you happen to notice this piece of furniture in my last post?

1-IMG_9257While I will agree it is not the prettiest of pieces it is new to me.  Which means it is not new…at all.  It’s an old heavy solid wood Drexel buffet.  And it’s green.  As in 1970’s avocado kitchen-like green.

I purchased it at a used furniture store.  Cheap.  I had HUGE plans for this buffet.

It was meant to hold my TV out in the white room.  But it was too big.

Then it landed in our bedroom to hold the TV and other things … for a while.  It was not serving us well in there.  As a last ditch effort before it went to the Freecycle – I placed it here.  In this odd little room off of our Family Room.

It’s perfect.  Honestly, it was meant to be right here.  And, while it’s not a crisp linen white color – the green blends perfectly.


I had the chance to really enjoy the extra table top space recently when I hosted friends for coffee recently.


And yes, I did serve my guests the option of sugar along with my favorite flavored stevia sweeteners.  3-IMG_9204

I still may paint the piece but for now I am content.

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