Being 2015 I thought I would post a short update of where I am and a little of where I have been.

I have written a bit about my journey here to get healthy, fit and feel better.  Some of that can be found here and here.

Easter of 2012 I decided to go cold turkey and cut all flour, grains and sugar.  All at once.  I went low carb and high fat. Then amazing things started to happen to me.  I decided after a 40 pound weight loss to continue with this ‘way of life’.

Here I am on Christmas Day.  Smiling.

  1-Photo Dec 25, 1 42 37 PM

I was happy to get up and get dressed, be with my family and enjoy the day. I have a new hair cut and I even have a cocktail sitting next to me.

I am content.


I float in a 5 pound up and down range from my lowest weight.  At first this freaked me out a bit but I am in my (ahem) later forties, and I have added foods back into my diet that I would have not eaten 2.5 years ago.  So I give myself that window.  I have t(w)eens watching. I have to set a good example.

My skin basically still looks great.  In fact my t(w)eens tell me they are envious.

I enjoy TRX these days.I still work out 2-3 times a week.  I would like it to be more but I just can’t do it – i just get sore.  In fact sometimes I slip to 1-2 times but it is a main goal of mine this year to get to three solid times a week.  I admit that I have lost a bit of my tone.  I can pinch that inch again.  My curves are coming back.  But more importantly –  I am okay with that.

I am still wearing the same jeans I bought for the third winter in a row.  After 20 years of on again, off again Weight Watchers I have never held the weight off for more than 3 months.  I can’t wait to celebrate 3 years.

I just feel better.  Honestly, other than a bout with a sinus issue before Christmas I have not been ill in 2.5 years.  There is a lot to be said for a healthy gut.

I have enjoyed seeking out cookbooks/website and recipes that keep me interested in new foods.  I have found real life friends who enjoy cooking the way I do and they have been a great support system for me.

In full disclosure – it is not all perfect.

I still deal with body issues in the mirror.  I have watched the Mr. jump ship and return to eating pasta, pizza and candy.  I have t(w)eens – they stress me out.

I still think I have a major thyroid issue going on.

My hair is getting whiter.

Yet, I am content.  I have no reason to change what I am doing.  This works for me.

I lost my voice for a while in 2014 as I dealt with some issues.  I am feeling stronger and looking forward to sharing more new foods, recipes, and ways of doing things with you in 2015.

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