Cookbook Confusion

 I read exclusively on my Kindle these days.

With one exception.


I cannot function with an eBook.  It just does not work for me.

Which is a problem when you are re-learning how to cook/bake in a grainfree-sugarfree-paleo-primal kind of way.

This has led to a major cookbook collection for me over the past year.  I wrote about some of my new books about a year ago.  You can view that here.  But a lot of things have changed in a year.

I wandered into Barnes and Nobles with Lulu who had some gift cards burning in her little new purse.  While I left her in the ‘teen’ section I sought this out.


1-2014-12-31 13.30.00

I am particular about what books I will buy.  It’s kind of like inviting a new friend into your home.  It feels like a commitment.  Am I willing to try things out of my comfort zone, are there really good pictures, what makes this book different from the last I purchased, will my family even consider trying it?

I mainly purchase my cookbooks on Amazon where I can read hundreds of reviews before I select one.

But when you see them all in person – woah – that’s a LOT of Paleo books.  I am impressed.  And pleased that my way of eating is becoming a two shelf subject at a store.

These are the ones I am cooking from these days and the ones I will reference with most of my posts.  Some are primal, some are paleo, some use sugar, some don’t.  But I am learning to adapt my needs from a recipe and that is the point right?!  (most images from Amazon)

Comforting Eats Cookbook Cover.jpgbig

And while gluten free books usually don’t fit with my way of eating I did see this on the shelf at B&N!

2-2014-12-31 13.32.15

And was excited as I follow most of the blogs of the books I posted but I especially love Jo-Lynn Shane’s blog for her food, fashion and family journey she shares!

I look forward to adding to my collection.  Do you have a favorite book that it is not in my list?!

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2 thoughts on “Cookbook Confusion

  1. I agree, NO KINDLE for the cookbooks … the layout, the following along … I don’t know what it is exactly but I totally agree with you on that! My family must be paying attention as they gave me Nom Nom Paleo for Humans, and Agains All Grain Meals Made Simple :

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