Low Carb Breakfast Casserole

One of my traditional foods for Christmas has been a Breakfast Casserole.

You know the kind – a big layer of bread/croutons, drenched in eggs, sausage, cream of mushroom soup and layers of cheese?  You make it the day before and pop in the oven the day of?

I have missed it.  Especially on holiday mornings.

This year I tripped on Melissa’s at Satisfying Eats version and I knew I wanted to try.  I own two of Melissa’s cookbooks.  I crossed my fingers!

Breakfast Casserole

I’ll let you read her post where she details the recipe but I have to warn you!

It was good.

Really good.

Like, the Mr. said ‘Oh, I have missed this‘ good.

The secret ingredient? SPAGHETTI SQUASH.

And, it prepped in half the time of the old recipe.

I just combined all the ingredients in a big bowl

5-2014-12-24 11.03.24

Spread it into my baking dish.

3-2014-12-24 11.04.35

Sealed and wrapped for the morning.

2-2014-12-24 11.10.51

I squealed when it came out of the oven.

1-2014-12-25 09.02.56
The leftovers heated well the next day too.

And while I was eating up eggs and veggies for breakfast.  I have to admit the ugly truth.

Our other traditional Christmas Breakfast involved Monkey Bread (click here for an oldie!)

The kind that we used the frozen dough balls and it would rise on the counter overnight.  The girls would ohh and ahh in the morning to see it transformed into a goey breakfast treat.  I took it away years ago.

I broke.  And got them this.

Not my finest moment.  It is their Christmas too.

1-2014-12-25 09.05.24

I simply love the 0g of TransFats on the box.  Like that would make a difference.

And pay no mind to those pretzel candy things in the background 😉

It was Christmas (but no, I did not have one!).

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